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About Us


Founded in Montreal in 2014, Diametris is constantly looking for balance, technique and comfort.
From design to completion, our enduring handcrafted designs incorporate modern details and elevates watches from all eras.




Whether standard models or customized models, the design allows us to determine the style, sizes and options of the strap. The preparation consists in carefully selecting the leathers and materials to be further processed and skived using a machine. Subsequently, the assembly of the strap consists of placing and gluing each part prepared with precision.


The cut is made by hand or by tool depending on the model of strap chosen. Secondly, the strap is burnished, which consists of manually highlighting the edge of the strap with a burnishing iron to allow the strap to solidify and add a harmonious visual element. We then proceed to wax edge finish. It is applied and sanded manually several times over until smoothness. This allows the strap to have better resistance over time.


The sewing of our straps is mainly machine made, but it is possible to offer the option of traditionally hand sewing on request. We use hot stamping to identify straps because we believe this traditional method is the most elegant on leather.


Once our straps have successfully passed the verification stage, they are carefully packaged with a box designed and manufactured in Quebec with recycled materials by Plumepak.


Our selection process for leathers and materials is simple: only full-grain leathers or suede are used to make our straps.
We select and import our leathers from France, Italy and the United States.



Youri is a designer, leathercraftsman and professional craftsman of the Quebec crafts council. He transmits French know-how and Japanese rigour learned internationally to his business. He worked in Tokyo, Japan for more than 5 years as a designer, prototypist and technical director of a French branch specializing in high-end watch straps. Our team also includes Sandra, who has always been passionate about fashion and retail. Her passion for entrepreneurship drives her to launch Diametris with Youri.
She ensures business development, artistic direction and marketing.