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Diametris strives for balance between technique and comfort. From design to realization, bracelets and watch bands embody sophistication.
Hand made in Montreal, the material is worked with care and nobility. Founded in 2014, the workshop is under the direction of Youri Taillefer, designer, leather craftsman and professional artisan in the Métiers d'art du Québec.
He worked with major leather craftsmen in France and mainly, Tokyo in Japan for more than 5 years as designer, prototypist and technical director of this branch He will learn French know-how and Japanese rigor.
These will forge a new horizon of the design and the manufacture, the management of an atelier and the precision of the gesture. Back in Montreal, he co-founded Diametris Inc. in 2014, seeking a balance between technique, sophistication and comfort.

In 2017, he is a finalist at the Prix François Houdé where he presented the piece Continuity, Japanese sword holster.

And he finished 2017 by participating in his 1st Salon des métiers d'art de Montréal.

Photo credit: Michel Bérard